Joan Greenson Aebi



Educational background and career highlights

1961-1965 Otis Art Institute. BFA- MFA

Greenson Gallery Workshop – Owner/Curator
The Gallery was committed to the exhibition of emerging artist is the Southern California area where they could show without incurring expenses.


The first Neon Sculpture exhibition in Southern California as well as photography-as Fine art  being included in fine art exhibitions took place in the space that uniquely attempted to be inclusive of all types and all kinds of artistic media.

1979-Present Studio Artist
Concentrating on slab construction and hand built ceramic forms.
Plaster casting of human forms in both clay and plaster and their integration into ceramic sculptures.
Ceramic studio work with John Jacobs, Phil Cornelius, Jean Taylor, Stan Hunter and Joe Soldate. Plaster casting with Sally Roberts.

2016 - Present Membership

American Ceramics Society, Southern California Chapter